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Jesinta Franklin Speaks Out In Support Of Marriage Equality

When model Jesinta Campbell married Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin last November, they were adamant about one thing: the ceremony would oppose Australia’s stance on gay marriage.

 “Our celebrant took a moment to say, ‘the constitution says that marriage is between a man and a woman in Australia – but Jesinta and Bud think that’s bullshit,” recalls Jesinta, who stars in marie claire’s campaign for change.

For her, marriage equality is an issue for all Australians – not just the gay community – because “marriage should be a right, not a privilege.”

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The country’s current marriage laws are a deep embarrassment to Franklin, who has two aunts and many friends who are gay. “To be honest, as an Australian, it makes me feel so ashamed of my country.”

Jesinta Franklin joins fourteen other prominent Australians including Jessica Marais, Asher Keddie, Waleed Aly and Gemma Ward in marie claire’s campaign for marriage equality. The new issue will be on sale on Thursday May 4.

This article originally appeared in marie claire Australia.

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