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Like Aerobics strengthens the lungs

Special Training kräthe respiratory muscles engaged and makes patients leistungsfähiger. Not für a sports Competition, but für your daily life

Sports on the tire: The Üexercises to train strength, coordination, and endurance

Tinny dröhnt the music from the radio recorder in the gymnasium of the Fürther Adalbert-Stifter-primary school. To the beat of a fleet pop songs of the 80s, a group of women and M&auml swings;men, the arms in wide circles. The movements look simple. But spätesting if the participants in the hall, loose Aufwärmrunden turn, many of their performance n&auml come limit;. The women and Mämen in sports clothes suffer from lung diseases such as Asthma or COPD, and Bronchitis, which narrows the respiratory tract.

Every Wednesday they meet to train together. Movement is für lung patients is at least as important as medication. This is also from the current treatment guideline für COPD.

Between the bed and the TV

The Problem: patients with Asthma or COPD, get a lot of au&szlig easier;he breath than healthy people, and therefore also less köfrom a physical betätransparent. This in turn means that the muscles schwächer, the condition nachl&auml, ;sst, the cardiovascular System is less &ndash can afford; and the patients are sometimes in a Abwärtsspirale. "Many of them commute, then at some point just between the edge of the bed, and a television and her", the F&uuml says;rther lung doctor Professor Heinrich Worth. Special Lungensport­offers – as it is here in the gym – be paid for by the health insurance funds and to the Affected ermöaligned, the vicious circle to break.

Lung patients benefit from active movement is scientifically backed up. Although köcan’t you improve the lung function itself, dafür but strength, coordination and endurance. "The causes of the Patient with the small amount of oxygen, the he to Verfüsettlement has more kann&quot make;, erklärt pulmonologist Worth. Studies show that patients who offered to participate after their rehab to sports, lälonger distances without problems. Who is not active, is more likely.

Chat and blood pressure, and measure

Once Training per week is good. But Worth wüwant to get in fact that his patients do on the other days something. Hiking, Nordic Walking or Swimming. Also Kraft­sport was by no means taboo: "Especially in patients with limited lung power sports is often güinexpensive, in order to move forward." However, it is important, under the guidance of üben, to start to be very careful and to intensify the Training slowly.

Only of competitive sports rät is the physician from: "Adults are often plöin addition ambitious and überschäsupport." In addition, erhöhen stress hormones the risk für cardiovascular complications.

The patients in the Fürther not gym überfordern, dafür provides the Übungsleiterin Gerlinde Köcounter. To respiratory sufferers to train köcan, has completed a special training. Attaches the beginning of each sports hour the blood pressure of the participants and their current health in a controlled condition to see if all of them are really fit enough füthe movement unit.

Tutoring in the Peak-Flow-Meter

A quarter of an hour, and even more passes. You begrüßt each other, and exchange ideas. "A bit of ratchet gehört stop dazu", K&ouml says;counter. Sometimes it takes even a little läViking, to the Schweiß fließt. for Example, if Pulmonary medicine Worth – as of today, – Tutoring with the Peak Flow Meter, a Messgerät to Selbstkon­­trolls of the lungs performance.

Worth in charge of the Fürther group persöphotography and takes part actively, whenever he found the time dafür. Übungsleiterin Köcounter is grateful für Beiträas such, the movement makes sense ergänzt: "Even those who for years his lung function regelmäßig controlled, not always does everything right. Because errors creep in."

The Aufwäcompanies of the group are now behind, slow dance music löst the fast pop song. With Hula-Hoop, the women and M&auml train;men your breathing, at the same time, &Uuml require;exercises also strength in the upper arms.

Each at their own pace

Slowly, the tire circles, then the movements will be faster. "Especially für seriously ill patients this special interval training is more useful, because they are not so easy to überfordern", erklärt Worth.

Just COPD patients müshot at the Sport a little more cautious. To very your respiratory passages are being attacked by the disease. Is driven in the lung sports group, therefore, no one. Each moves, as he can remain in his own speed.

The Training gives special Üexercises, the chest and breathing muscles to relax. You ermöadjusted to a better and easier breathing. There are also techniques that help with cough, phlegm better to get rid of.

Easier up the stairs

Unfortunately, such a Lung is like in Fürth still not fläcover in Germany. Addresses köcan pulmonologist or clinics. In the Internet there are you

Patients remember quickly, such as the movement a positive effect on your Lebensqualität impact. Going to the supermarket fällt is becoming easier. The visit to the neighbors, the floor höhere lives, is not a feat of strength. Dafür you want to miss any sports hour.

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