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These studies pays your health insurance

Most studies by Doctors that you visit regularly anyway: pediatrician, family doctor and gynecologist. Every health insurance company notifies its Insured once a year, on the upcoming early detection measures. You go regularly to the studies, it can be appreciated by the cashier of the with a Bonus.

No one is obliged to go to a screening test. However, there is now a duty to advise: Who will not educate the doctor about the offered studies can be threatened by higher co-payments for an actual chronic disease. Currently, these so-called chronicle of the regulation shall, for the studies on cervical cancer, mammography Screening for breast cancer and colorectal cancer screening.

The screening run

All of the screening, the need for a targeted medical history, so the conversation of the physician with the patient about his medical history. The doctor is interested in, whether something has changed or new symptoms have occurred. He examines the patient and then declares the meaning of the outcome of the investigation.

Checkups offer only a clue. The Test indicates no disease, does not protect the front of it developing later in life. A Test, however, is positive, it is only a suspicion. Then detailed investigations are necessary to determine whether the Patient is actually sick.

Regardless of retirement dates, you should always stay alert, if your body is changing. If you see any changes, then a doctor is the right person.

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