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RHOC's Vicki Gunvalson Undergoes Procedure to Clear Blockage in Her Ear: 'Not Plastic Surgery'

Vicki Gunvalson is on the mend after undergoing a procedure to clear a blockage in her ear.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed Tuesday on Instagram that she was hospitalized for a cholesteatoma.

“Having a blockage cleared from my inner ear caused by the cholesteatoma,” wrote Gunvalson, 56, sharing a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed beside her boyfriend Steve Lodge, who drove her to the medical office in Irvine, California.

A cholesteatoma “is a skin cyst in the middle-ear made up of trapped skin cells and debris,” according to Stanford Children’s Health, and “can result from injury to the eardrum, chronic middle ear infections and/or chronic pressure buildup, which weakens the eardrum until a small pocket forms that stores trapped skin and debris.”

Despite the procedure, the O.G. of the O.C. had her eyes set on returning to work hours later.

“I hope to be back at the office this afternoon,” the founder of Coto Insurance wrote. “Glad I have my driver @stevelodge_oc with me 😊❤️.”

She added the hashtags “#painintheear #notplasticsurgery #hastobedone.”

While the mother of two is no stranger to going under the knife, she confirmed in July that her plastic surgery days are “done.”

Gunvlason underwent a facelift this year after her friend and costar Tamra Judge advised her to do so, but following the intense surgery, she decided that it would be her last-ever procedure and she’s going the au naturale route moving forward.

“I went to Tamra’s doctor because she told me I needed a facelift,” Gunvalson told Entertainment Tonight. “So I thought, ‘Okay, I gotta listen to Tamra so she doesn’t get mad at me.’ No, but God love Tamra, she tells me like it is.”

“I feel great,” Gunvalson said. “And I promised Dr. Ambe — I love you so much — I’m never doing another filler, another anything. I’m just leaving it alone.”

“He said it was like granulated sugar underneath my skin, of all these different areas that had been injected. So, I didn’t even look like myself anymore and some people were saying my promo pictures didn’t look like me. It’s like, it didn’t,” she added. “I was puffy and I didn’t feel like it was even myself. I want to be back to being a 56-year-old and looking the best I can be.”

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