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30 Common Yoga Poses You Can Practice From Your Living Room

Finding a really good yoga class is a challenge: You need one that’s the right amount of challenging for your body and your skill level, one that’s affordable (studios are expensive!) and workable with your work, life, me-time balance too. Unfortunately, pandemics and schedules be damned, they are harder and harder to come by. There are tons of ways to make at-home yoga work — really good (and free) Youtube classes, livestreams, books and more.

When I first tried yoga, I bought myself a three-month membership that, while worth it at the time, was just too expensive to justify for much longer. But I loved what yoga did for me and how it made me felt, so I kept up my practice via online classes and free events around my city.

And because I really believe that yoga doesn’t need the frills and thrills of trendy studios, I talked with my friend and certified yoga teacher, Lauren Millea, who was the first one to drag me to a yoga class and who, here, helped our editors break down 30 common and accessible yoga poses that any wannabe yogi can emulate for their own relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class.

While someday you may want to return to your workout classes, it’s good to know that you can get your dose of yoga for free using these 30 GIFs that demonstrate the most common yoga poses you can practice from your living room.

So grab your favorite yoga gear, hydrate and find your center — because class starts whenever you want it to.

A version of this article was originally published in November 2016.

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