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Actress Jenny Mollen Has Opened Up About Suffering From Perinatal Depression

Author and actress Jenny Mollen has shared her experience with “prepartum depression” on social media.

The 38-year-old – who is expecting her second child with actor Jason Biggs – posted a black and white shot of her baby bump on Instagram, with the caption: “Prepartum Depression… it’s what often happens to expectant mums who are awake in the world.”

She elaborated in her Stories, revealing, “I could already be in a depression. I’m planning on eating my placenta, but I’m also anticipating a major emotional dive. I think that it’s chemical. I think people don’t talk about it enough.”

After receiving an influx of concerned comments, she explained further, “This is normal — that’s what I’m trying to say. That it’s not weird … I would be more freaked out if I weren’t freaking out.”

She also told her followers to be “hyper-vigilant” about their emotions after giving birth. “You’ll be shocked at how fast you’ll wake up one day and be in the darkest place,” Jenny said. “The only way your kid is going to be healthy and happy is if you are healthy and happy. So, make that the priority.”

“You’ll be shocked how fast you can just wake up one day and be in the darkest place and think, ‘What’s wrong with me? I’m a new mum. I should be so happy. Everybody else is telling me how lucky and happy and amazing things are,’’ she said. “Don’t buy into that s***. If you feel bad, please get help.”

BeyondBlue says that depression during pregnancy – also known as antenatal depression – affects one in ten women and one in seven women experience postnatal depression. The term perinatal depression is also used, covering the period from conception until your baby is one year old.

While many women experience ‘baby blues’ around three to ten days after giving birth due to changes in hormone levels, but if you feel these symptoms, which include low mood, recurring negative thoughts, fear for the baby or being alone with the baby, thoughts of self harm, loss of appetite or insomnia, for two weeks or more then seek advice from a medical professional.

If you’re suffering from perinatal depression and need support, call BeyondBlue on 1300 22 4636 or the Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia hotline on 1300 726 306.

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