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Alexa's New Feature Could Benefit Your Health

Technology is a phenomenal thing. It allows us to call anyone, anytime, anywhere with the push of a button, or a simple swipe or tap. It gives doctors the ability to diagnose previously undiagnosable conditions — and to treat them, much in the same way — and we all have the ability to share information in an instant. But a new patent is looking to radically alter how we use technology.

According to The Telegraph, the patent — filed by Amazon — is for a new version of Alexa, a version which can (and would) automatically detect when you are ill and then offer you tips, tricks and advice.

The proposed feature would analyze a user’s voice, i.e. their tone and tenor, to determine if they are sick. The device would also listen for other telltale signs of illness, like a cough and/or sneeze, and would then make a "diagnosis."

What’s even weirder is that the patent also allows Alexa to track your emotions. Apparently, the device can tell if you’re feeling bored and tired by the sound of your voice. And while determining if you are sick or bored is one thing, the device will then suggest things to do, healthy foods to consume and/or cold relieving products you can buy, like cough drops, which would — of course — be ordered through Amazon.

It is important to note that Amazon’s filing does mean the company is or will be working to implement any of the aforementioned features any time soon. But this new version of Alexa is definitely on the drawing board and an interesting preview of the next generation of smart home devices. 

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