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Health Minister warns of Ambrosia

Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml has once again warned strongly against the health Allergy-hazardous to plant Ambrosia. The Pollen of the originally from North America-born ragweed belong to triggers the strongest Allergy. The reaction in Allergy sufferers and Allergy sufferers may be more pronounced than, for example, in the case of birch or grass pollen.

For years, experts point to the massive spread of ragweed Plant. The Upright ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) is, according to the Bavarian state Institute for viticulture and horticulture (LWG) as particularly allergenic. The Pollen can trigger allergies and Asthma.

Up to a billion Pollen

As the Bavarian state writes to the Ministry of health and care in a recent communication, the originally US-based Plant ragweed since the 1990s in Bavaria. According to the LWG, they are also found in Baden-Württemberg, southern Hesse, as well as in the Berlin and Magdeburg.

According to the figures, an Ambrosia can bring a Plant between 3,000 and 60,000 seeds in their one-year life cycle. Also, you can release up to a billion Pollen grains into the air. The main flowering Ambrosia comes relatively late in the year, depending on the weather, between August and September.

“The Pollen of the North American ragweed, which is shortly before flowering, can cause people severe allergic reactions. Therefore, it is our goal to stop the spread of the Plant in Bavaria, so far as possible,“ said Huml.

Severe health effects

“The Pollen of the ragweed can also trigger in small amounts severe health effects in humans,” said the health Minister, who is a trained Doctor. “These include allergic reactions such as hay fever, include, conjunctiva irritation, and allergic Asthma. The ambrosia pollen-pollen is a five Times higher allergenic potential than grasses.“

About 80 percent of all pollen Allergy sufferers and Allergy sufferers react according to the experts, even on Ambrosia, of which about half are then permanently allergic to it. In addition, the herb can also provoke at to date, and be insensitive to people without Allergy-a Hypersensitivity.

The Berlin Senate administration for health, care and equality explained on their website, what health problems it can.

A few Pollen of the ragweed “that trigger allergic symptoms such as tears, eye itching, sensitivity to light, headaches, fatigue, hay fever or respiratory symptoms to Asthma. By touching the Plant, in allergic skin rashes or hives can occur addiction“, it says.

Ambrosia eliminate

The Foundation German pollen information service has on their website for some practical advice, such as Ambrosia can be eliminated:

  • Tear out: it is Important that the Plant (which is as much as possible before flowering) together with the root, because cut plants can form at the stem base quickly new and flower-bearing branches.
  • Contrary to some messages, it is only occasional contact with the plant when you Pluck not necessary to wear gloves or a Mouth guard.
  • Disposal: The uprooted Plant should be wrapped in a plastic bag in the household waste/residual waste, and in no case to the green collection, the compost pile or the Like. Also, it is useful to check with the local city cleaning service over local facilities for the incineration of larger stocks.

Another tip: When buying bird food products without the addition of Ambrosia-seeds of questions that are already well available. (ad)

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