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Beautician Shares Horrific Photos Of Botched Eyelash Extensions

Aussie beautician Emma Dhanjal has shared the stomach-churning result of lash extensions gone wrong with a warning to other women considering the procedure.

The Emmaculate Beauty salon owner was horrified by the state of her new customer’s botched job, saying it was the worst case she had seen in her seven years of lashing.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research,” Emma posted on Facebook alongside the shocking images of her client’s eyes.

“Her natural lashes are sooooo damaged from the place she has been having her lashes done, they were falling out when I touched them with the tweezers. As well as inflamed eyelids and needing to see her doctor for possible infection, her lashes may never be the same again.”

“I take a lot of pride in my work and this makes me feel sick it is still happening out there. Make sure you are 100% certain you know the background of your next eye lash artist.”

She reiterated that you shouldn’t be turned off the procedure, but it’s important to do your research first. 

Duly noted. 

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