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California Doctor Claims Sound Waves Can Cure Ebola, The State’s Medical Authorities Disagree

People suffering from various health conditions can be cured by listening to short sound clips called ‘eRemedies.’

Can sound cure what ails you? According to a California doctor, sound waves can cure a variety of diseases and health problems, including malaria, typhoid fever, and even Ebola. Unfortunately, his unconventional treatment using sound has gotten him into some potential legal trouble.

Per a Newsweek report, Dr. Bill Gray claims a person’s illness can be cured simply by listening to a short sound clip. No matter where in the world, a potential patient can sign up at the doctor’s website and get a customized health profile by answering some detailed questions.

Using patented technology, a computer algorithm takes the answers and selects one of 263 homeopathic-based treatments called “eRemedies.” Once completed, a person can pay as little as $5 and an MP3 file containing a 13-second sound clip will be sent to their email address. Gray describes the sound as a hissing noise when a patient plays the MP3 file.

The doctor claims people have been cured of a multitude of health conditions using sound waves.

I’ve done it now for three years, and it’s worked on patients all over the world — everything from flu and fever, traveler’s diarrhea, back pain, and even malaria, typhoid, cholera,” Gray told Mercury News. “There’s a bunch of people in Sierra Leone that have been using it recently for a big malaria outbreak — we have 42 cases, 41 of which were cured in three or four hours just by playing the signals on their cell phones.”

The doctor’s website, MD In Your Hands, claims the personalized sound waves can cure everything from backaches and flu to menstrual pain and anxiety. The website also makes a claim that three Ebola patients were cured using an eRemedy in 2014.

While the doctor and many testimonials assert the eRemedies work, officials with the Medical Board of California aren’t convinced. The agency, which regulates physicians, is unhappy with Gray for not only selling non-FDA approved products, but also because he sells them without ever examining a patient or providing a valid prescription. There is “no well-documented evidence” that transmitting homeopathic treatments through sound waves can legitimately work, the board said.

Earlier this month, the state’s medical board charged Dr. Gray with unprofessional conduct, gross negligence, and repeated negligent acts. If the controversial homeopathic doctor loses in court, he will be fined, ordered to pay additional legal fees, and the board will most likely revoke or suspend his California license to practice medicine.

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