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Covid vaccine map: Only ONE area missing 4mil vaccine milestone – how YOUR region fares

Covid: Study on vaccine effectiveness released in UK

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The UK’s Covid vaccine rollout is amongst the world’s most successful, with more than 60 percent of adults having now picked up both doses based on population estimates from the 2011 census. The three vaccine candidates provide the safest way out of the pandemic, but not unless everyone is committed to receiving theirs. Recent data from the NHS shows uptake has surged in some areas but lingers in others.

In its latest update posted on August 20, NHS officials disclosed vaccine rates for seven UK regions.

Together, a total of 39,463,395 first doses have been administered and 33,814,682 second doses, according to the latest NHS data, which runs from December 8 to August 15 and was released yesterday.

The NHS report also broke down totals across the East of England, London, Midlands, Northeast and Yorkshire, Southwest, Southeast and Northwest.

But this data has revealed areas where second dose totals are at their lowest and it seems the Southwest is currently lagging some way off the 4 million mark other regions have now breached.

As such, it is also the area with the lowest number of cumulative doses.

When combining both first and second doses, the Southwest trails with just 7,899,258.

But while the area has some catching up to do dose-wise, it is ahead of the game elsewhere.

When considering population, it has the second-highest coverage rate in England, with a total of 79.94 percent.

Only the East of England is ahead with a rate 0.01 percent higher at 79.95 percent.

The Southwest also has the most narrow gap between first and second doses.

A total of 4,218,809 people have had their first dose.

Considering second doses, this means just 538,360 people are waiting to complete the vaccine regimen.

The data shows people in the area are best at following up their initial appointments.

Other English regions have a much higher number of people awaiting a second jab.

Of them all, the disparity is highest in the Midlands.

There, 7,364,384 people have now had their first Covid jab.

Compared with their second dose figure of 6,412,182, this means 952,202 are now waiting.

The lag won’t come as a surprise for most people living in the area, given the total population. 

The East of England and Southwest have the lowest population numbers at 5,846,965 and 5,288,935 while the Midlands has the highest at 10,135,069.

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