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Current dishes-recall actions due to cancer-triggering pollutants extended again

Enhanced formaldehyde values: discounters expands recall for bamboo utensils

A few months ago, the Tedi GmbH &#038 launched; Co. KG a call-back for bamboo utensils, because in the case of product testing, elevated levels of formaldehyde detected. This substance can have a negative impact on health. Now the recall has been expanded.

Increased amounts of toxic formaldehyde found

A few months ago, the Tedi GmbH &#038 informed; Co. KG, in the context of product testing, elevated levels of toxic formaldehyde in various bamboo plates, bowls and drinking-cups were found. These products were called back. Now the recall has been expanded.

The non-food retailers in Tedi has expanded its recall for bamboo kitchenware. In the products of elevated levels of formaldehyde were detected. (Image: TEDI GmbH & Co. KG)

The use of the harness is discouraged

Information about the previous recall.

The recall of the bamboo plate 25 cm (2’s) has now been expanded to include all item numbers, as well as the extended sale period from 01.02.2018 to 08.04.2019.

“Product testing showed elevated levels of formaldehyde. This substance may be hazardous to health, therefore, is discouraged from further use of the harness,“ a customer’s information.

The data indicate that the bamboo utensils for a refund of the sale price of € 1.25 or € 1.50 for, or against, another article can be exchanged in any branch.

Cancer-Causing Substance

“Formaldehyde is a health hazard, it is irritating to the mucous membranes and can trigger cancer in the nasopharynx when inhaled,” said the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) years ago.

In the recent past, not only Tedi, but also two furniture stores have taken poisonous dishes from the offer or be called back.

And recently, the consumers pointed to the Central Saarland, also in the reusable to-go cups made of bamboo harmful substances such as formaldehyde, were found. (ad)