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Cycling could lead to erectile dysfunction as it’s “crushing your bits”

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that is experienced by nearly 50 percent of men in the UK.

Impotence can happen to anyone with a penis, but it is more common in those aged 40 and above.

The condition can be caused by many factors, but doctors have recently revealed that a certain activity could be “crushing your bits”.

While exercise is key to good health, cycling could actually be causing problems for your erections.

Recent research from Wroclaw Medical University in Poland, published in the journal Sports Medicine, highlighted the link between cycling and impotence.

The researchers urged male cyclists to stand up every ten minutes when biking to avoid erectile dysfunction.

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Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Ellie Cannon said: “Crushing your bits is going to cause, possibly, erectile dysfunction because you’re crushing the nerves.

“Also crushing your testicles is not good in terms of fertility and things like that.”

The study added that it’s “critical” for men to avoid crushing their private parts on the saddle.

It went on to explain that common causes of genital numbness could also be poor riding technique and the wrong type of bike.

After reviewing more than 20 studies on how men can avoid saddle soreness, researchers offered effective solutions – including a “no-nose” bicycle seat to redirect pressure from the genital area.

Dr Ellie added: “They’re calling for bike saddles to be more male-friendly without the bit at the front that squashes your bits.

“Regularly stand up and get some movement and some fresh air down there.

“Don’t squash everything, is the message.”

Despite the warning from researchers, the study isn’t meant to discourage men from cycling.

Kamil Litwinowicz, lead author from Wroclaw Medical University, said: “We don’t want men to quit cycling, but instead to look at things like standing on the pedals or using a different saddle.

“Many men struggle with discomfort when riding a bike and there are concerns this can lead to sexual problems.

“However, there is also strong evidence that being sedentary is linked to erectile dysfunction, so cycling as a form of activity could reduce that risk.”

The main takeaway from the study is to regularly stand up when cycling and to consider a more comfortable saddle.

Plus, the evidence behind cycling and erectile dysfunction is not crystal clear as some studies haven’t found this link.

The NHS explains that erectile dysfunction might be caused by a variety of reasons, ranging from stress to physical health.

They urge seeing a GP or going to a sexual health clinic if the problem keeps occurring.

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