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Dad amused by pregnant wife’s grisly ‘belly button trick’ learns it’s no joke

Pregnancy – for all its wonder – is also often a time of unpleasant, strange and uncomfortable side-effects.

Hemorrhoids, sciatica, bleeding gums, varicose veins, the fact you may frequently want to punch people in the face – all of these (and more) are part and parcel of the pregnancy fun .

[Disclaimer: Of course it’s all worth it.]

One dad found himself baffled by one such side-effect when he noticed something poking out of his pregnant wife’s belly button.

While he was amused by bizarre protrusion, it turned out it was no laughing matter…

In the video, which was posted on Reddit , the mum-to-be pushes a large round mass in and out of her stomach.

It may have been shared for a bit of a laugh, but one person had their concerns.

"That actually looks like a hernia," they wrote, "if that’s your wife please get it looked at asap. Today."

However, the husband remained unconcerned initially, and replied:

"First, thanks for the concern!! She is a MD though and its ‘normal’".

"She actually has a space between the muscles in her abdomen from the last pregnancy – glad I’m a guy."

But as it turned out, the dad had to eat his words and later added:

"Edit: you’re right! She said it is an umbilical hernia! F**k, reddit should just be my doctor."

For the uninitiated, an umbilical hernia is a health condition where the abdominal wall behind the belly button is damaged.

They can be repaired quite quickly with a simple operation.

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