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Dallas teen beats stage 4 cancer to graduate high school

Dallas teen beats cancer ahead of his high school graduation

Joshua Suarez overcame stage four testicular cancer just in time to walk at his high school graduation at Woodrow Wilson high school in Dallas, Texas.

Joshua Suarez beat stage four testicular cancer, and now is ready to graduate high school in Texas.

“To say that I’ve beaten cancer is to say what can I not beat?” he told Fox 13. “Going across that stage is more proof I’ve made it.”

He has come back from weighing 140 pounds as well as 11 rounds of chemotherapy, the news outlet reported, and now he is ready for adulthood.

“God gives his hardest obstacles to his strongest soldiers. And as soon as I got that text, I just knew God was with me,” he told Fox 13. “Whatever God has planned for me I accept. If it’s to fight, I’m fighting until the end. But if it’s not, I’m ready to go.”


He will get his diploma on May 25.

Next year, he’s off to Albion College in Michigan to double major in art and pre-med. He wants to grow up and be an oncologist.

“I got my second chance,” he said. “And I’m hoping to give that to others.”

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