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Dangerous alcohol Trend: binge drinking in young adults has increased

BZgA published the current Trends for alcohol consumption

After in the year 2016, a decrease in heavy episodic drinking in young adults aged 18 to 25 years was found to be increased in this Trend in the year 2018. More than every third Person in this age group regularly uses to the bottle, a noise anzutrinken. In adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age, one in eight looked to deep into the glass.

The Federal centre for health education (BZgA), presented recently in Berlin, their representative survey of over 7,000 young people aged 12 to 25 years. The main theme of the survey dealing with alcohol. The results can be viewed on the website of the BzgA.

Alcohol-drinking is rush again popular

As the survey shows, is the binge drinking in young adults, according to a declining Trend in the last years more and more popular. According to the BzgA 37.8 percent of persons in this age group have indicated that in the year 2018, at least a the influence of alcohol, drunk. Two years earlier, this had done only 32.8 percent. Overall, the regular consumption of alcohol had increased in the young adults easily. 33.4% reported regularly drinking at least once a week, alcohol.

Good news: alcohol consumption among Minors to decline

The proportion of 12 – to 17-year-olds who have drunk in the year 2018, at least a noise, stood at 13.6 percent. This was stable compared to the last few years, constant. Overall alcohol consumption had decreased. Only 8.7 percent of the young people in this age group reported to consume regular alcohol. In the year 2004, this share stood at 21.2 percent.

Drug Commissioner wants to put the brakes on the Trend

“Even if the Numbers are overall pleasing, we see with the young adults, a Trend that applies to the brakes,” stresses Marlene Mortler, drug Commissioner of the Federal government in a press release to the BzgA-survey. Be a grown-up name is not that it is suddenly okay to drink too much alcohol. You would have to pay the young adults a life-long conscious interaction with alcohol close to. This should be done, among other things, with an awareness of the consequences of abusive consumption, as well as prevention activities, Mortler.

Positive Trend in adolescents

“It is gratifying that so few young people have nationwide consumed alcohol on a regular basis,” adds Dr. med. Heidrun Thaiss, Director of the BzgA. Here show that the joint efforts had achieved in the alcohol prevention of the target group. Nevertheless, the BzgA-the head warns that too many young people and especially young adults, to drink regularly in an alcohol intoxication. Here is a new impetus in the field of alcohol prevention are necessary to sensitize these people for a responsible handling with alcohol.

Alcohol campaign is to be expanded

The BzgA has announced that its prevention campaign “alcohol? Know your Limit.“ in the coming years to develop. The campaign Year is nationwide, 16 – to 20-one of the most comprehensive alcohol prevention campaign in Germany. Among other things, the BZgA developed a Service Center, to support local authorities nationwide in the implementation of alcohol preventive measures in place and the networking of different actors.

Education at eye level

To clarify, the BzgA focuses on so-called Peer-deals. Here, specially trained young people inform their peers eye-to-eye about the risks of alcohol use and to clarify to the conscious handling of alcohol. “The acceptance of alcohol consumption at a young age shows that our target group-oriented prevention work achieved your goal”, explains Dr. Florian Reuther, Director of the Association of Private health insurance. Now it comes down to health literacy about the dangers of alcohol abuse even more strongly in the life-worlds of young people, so Reuther. (vb)