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Dangerous fungal disease kills trees and poses risks to people

Health risk by Rußrindenkrankheit in various German cities

In the past few days, it was found in different cities of trees, the Rußrindenkrankheit. This fungal disease is damaging to the trees considerably and can also cause health problems.

Dangerous Rußrindenkrankheit in different places found

Essen, Herne, Erlangen, Germany in different German cities, it was found in the past few days, the trees, the Rußrindenkrankheit. This fungal disease is damaging to the trees considerably, you must be like. And: “The disease is not only the trees, but can also expose people to adverse health effects,” writes the city of Herne, in a communication.

For the first time in 2005, demonstrated in Germany

The Rußrindenkrankheit originally comes from North America and was first described in 1945 for the first time in Europe. Here it was demonstrated for the first time in 2005, in Baden-Württemberg.

In Bavaria, the disease was confirmed for the first Time in the summer of 2018, as the city of Erlangen explains on its website.

“The cause is a fungus that occurs as a parasite in the first line to the already weakened native maple trees,” explain the experts.

In the advanced stage then waste bark thick layers of black fungal spores are visible. The affected tree trunks look as if they were covered with soot. Therefore also the German Name of the disease comes from.

Health problems in humans

The disease is not but only trees, but also can expose people to adverse health effects.

According to experts, intensive contact with the spores can trigger an allergic reaction.

Reported to the symptoms, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, or chills may occur a few hours after contact with the spores.

“They disappear after a few hours, but can persist for days”, – stated in the message of the city of Herne.

Breathing masks and protective clothing

“From Germany, no human diseases known to date (27.3.2019), although they are expected to increasingly dry and rain poor summers,” says the German society for Mycology (DGfM).

Although no health was for an otherwise healthy forest walkers or mushroom pickers risk, but persons, such as, for example, forest workers, which have a more intensive contact with infested trees, should avoid the Inhalation of spores.

The cases are advised, therefore, to respiratory masks and protective clothing. In addition, the grubbing-up should be made on the best in wet weather, to avoid Dispersion of spores. (ad)