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Despite Wilke scandal: Ministry of Nutrition and less food plant inspections

A few weeks ago, the shock of the disgusting images of rotten meat, the German Public were out of the sausage factory Wilke. Three people died after eating Listeria contaminated food. Now, the Federal Ministry for food and agriculture is working on a Reform of the food control.

The house of the CDU-Minister Julia Klöckner don’t want to control after the sausage scandal, however, more common, but routine checks even go back. According to a draft bill, the Bavarian radio and the "Welt" reports. Accordingly, the time should be extended to rooms where food producers, retailers and restaurants need to be checked,.

Routine checks only on a quarterly basis instead of monthly

"This means, for example, that so far quarter-to-attract-controlling holdings only semi-annually and, to date, on a monthly basis to controlling holdings only on a quarterly basis an official routine control sind", Anja Tittes, Federal Chairman of the German Association of Food gave rise to concerns of inspectors, in the BR. Also, the consumer advocates of food watch criticized the plans. Managing Director, Martin Rücker suspected, the Ministry would "apparently, to assert that companies like Wilke, in the future, even fewer Plan checks required are to be as bisher". He fears that the number of food control could your weight loss.

Dr. Holger Vogel, President of the Federal Association of official veterinarians and Director of the Veterinary office of Vorpommern-Greifswald, in BR, on the basis of his authority, clearly, what would be the plans in Detail. His office would make instead of 4000, only 3000 routine checks. "This is a gradual Erosion of the workforce in the Lebensmittelüberwachung", so bird. The controllers would already "on the Zahnfleisch" go.

The Ministry promises to control eye-catching farms

The SPD in Bavaria, holds the idea of the Federal Ministry for "grundfalsch". Florian Brunn, consumer protection policy spokesman of the SPD in the state Parliament, warned of "more danger for Verbraucher" and called for more rather than less controls.

The competent Ministry for food and agriculture considers the allegations to be unjustified. The removal of routine checks, should lead to discreet holdings would be rare, monitored for suspicious companies and more. In March, the new regulation could enter into force.

So far the monthly checks could not prevent the fall Wilke. The competent authority had checked the factory, only every three months.

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