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Diet: Slimming chewing Gum, the new insider’s tip for easy?

Slim by gum-Chewing?

The tabloid press is full of helpful and less useful tips for losing weight. For example, you can read that chewing Gum will help you lose weight, as the digestion will be stimulated and you can eat fake the body. This myth holds that science is the topic of approaching. The results can surprise. Because chewing gum can damage a diet even. But read for yourself!

Being overweight poses a danger to the health

Obesity represents a health hazard. Who brings too many Kilos on the scale, for example, has a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or Diabetes. According to health experts, a minimum weight reduction would have significant positive effects. But most of the time it’s not so easy to get rid of excess pounds. Some people think that chewing gum could help as the brakes, among other things, the cravings. Scientific studies have shown that gum-Chewing may not help with weight loss and even be counterproductive.

Chewing gum does not reduce the weight

According to studies by scientists from the USA, chewing gum-can the total number of meals, Chew on the day, lowering the total calories remain almost the same.

In addition, chewing gum can have a tangible negative effect: “Chewing Mint gum reduces the consumption of fruit,” report the researchers from the University of Buffalo in the scientific journal “Eating Behaviors”.

The researchers carried out a review study to investigate the effects of gum-Chewing.

During the study, 44 male and female subjects chewed in the lab, chewing gums with different flavors. A second group took the meals as a check, the group without previous Chewing gum.

Calorie intake remained the same

The total intake of calories compared to eating meals without previous chewing gum-the same Chew for all subjects. It also turned out that “the flavors rich no influence on the food of high-calorie food.”

The scientists found, however, that Mint chewing gum reduced the intake of fruit significantly. “It could be that the mint bitter ingredients to be reinforced or sweeter weaker tasted”, according to the research team.

In a second Experiment, 44 subjects received a total of one week before each meal chewing gum with mint taste, the Guarana and Green tea extracts contain, and, allegedly, the appetite should be reduced.

In turn, following week they were chewing, then chewing gum, which were similar in taste, although the predecessors, but not the same ingredients included.

Here, it turned out, “the fact that the calorie intake was not reduced as a whole, however, the fruit consumption decreased for most participants.”

A Positive impact on the oral hygiene

For comparison among all participants took two gum-free weeks, the locations between the chewing gum weeks.

It was noticeable that the participants during the gum weeks less between meals revenue, but the meals have the calories loss. As a result, the calorie intake was the same as in the gum-free weeks.

“The studies show that chewing gum for a diet are very likely to be particularly useful”, says the researcher, according to a report from “”.

To others for the purposes of chewing gum, but quite useful. Thus, it is known that gum-Chew is suitable for healthy teeth and can prevent tooth decay efficiently. (ad)