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Doctor on three mistakes men could be making before bed that leads to poor sleep

Sleep expert shares top tips on how to set up bedroom to get the best night's sleep

Dr Ramlakhan warned that exercising too late is one of the most common mistakes men make when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

“Exercising too late overstimulates the nervous system and can actually cause the production of adrenaline,” said Dr Ramlakhan.

People are required to commit to a time frame where you wind down before sleep, which is why if you’re keen on exercise, yoga would be the best option.

Some “pre-sleep” yoga poses recommended by Dr Ramlakhan include “child’s pose, corpse pose, and legs up the wall”.

Yet, the best advice is to “time your exercise session earlier in the day”.

Another common issue that disrupts good quality sleep is having a touch of alcohol before bed.

“Alcohol is a relaxant, so can help you to fall asleep more easily,” Dr Ramlakhan conceded.

“However, alcohol is also a stimulant so it can keep you awake in the early hours, as it stops the liver from breaking down the stress hormone adrenaline during the night. The increase in this hormone creates more wakefulness.”

An alcoholic tipple before bed interrupts sleep that we need for good energy levels the next day.

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Dr Ramlakhan elaborated: “Alcohol does suppress deep sleep, and it creates a disordered pattern of REM sleep in which the information sifting and sorting process is disrupted, so we wake up feeling mentally groggy and less alert.”

For those suffering from anxiety, a healthier alternative to alcohol is utilising natural herbs and supplements.

While admitting there still needs to be “further research” to determine the clinical efficiency of passionflower and chamomile, Dr Ramlakhan says these have been “known to help”.

A passionflower supplement “is thought to be helpful for treating anxiety and insomnia and can also be drunk in a tea or tincture before bedtime”.

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Dr Ramlakhan added: “Chamomile is an aromatherapy oil that can help with sleep and relieve muscle tension and anxiety.

“It can also be drunk in a tea… many people find that winding down at night with a cup of warm chamomile tea helps them to get a good night’s sleep.”

Men also need to release any stress and emotional challenges they might be facing, instead of bottling their feelings up.

“If not dealt with in our waking hours, stress can impact on our quality of sleep,” said Dr Ramlakhan.

“They can even lead to teeth grinding or bruxism, nightmares and night terrors.”

Three mistakes to make before bedtime:

  1. Exercising too late
  2. Drinking alcohol before bed
  3. Bottling up emotions.

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