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Dr Michael Mosley warns we’ve been breathing wrong – right way explained

Breathing is not exactly rocket science. You do it on a daily basis without thinking twice about it.

While the practice feels like second nature, it turns out the way you breathe could significantly improve your health, according to Dr Michael Mosley.

In a recent episode of his podcast Just One Thing, Dr Mosley, explained there’s actually a wrong way to go about breathing.

Some people inhale and exhale through their mouths, while others primarily use their nose. But one way seems to be better for your health.

The TV doctor explained that breathing through your nose can increase your oxygen uptake, keep your gums healthy, and even enhance your memory.

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Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 podcast, he said: “You might be wondering how can it possibly matter whether you’re breathing in through your nose or, like many people, through your mouth. How can it benefit your health?

“I have to admit, my producer and I were really sceptical at first, but the science behind it is surprising and very clear.

“Breathing through your nose really can improve your lung function, your blood vessels, and even your spatial awareness – and it can protect you against disease.”

You might find it difficult to breathe through your nose if you suffer from an infection or chronic allergies, but Dr Mosley encouraged giving this a go if there’s nothing wrong with your nose.

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He explained that switching to nose breathing could be one of the simplest things you can do to improve your health and well-being.

The health guru said: “First off, breathing through your nose keeps your mouth healthier.

“Chronic mouth breathing can reduce the amount of saliva you produce, making your mouth drier and increasing the risk of things like tooth decay and inflamed gums.”

Another surprising area that could benefit from nose breathing is your brain.

Looking at 22 volunteers, a recent study showed that breathing this way could make your brain work more efficiently.

The participants were given a memory test while they were in a brain scanner.

Interestingly, those who breathed through their noses performed better than those who were mouth-breathing.

Furthermore, breathing this way could even help fight infection and this effect can be enhanced when you hum.

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