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Drama in NRW: 37-year-old father of a family after insect bite in a coma

In August, the 37-year-old August Dierkes broke down after an insect bite. Since then, the family father from the North Rhine-is-Westphalia Hohenwepel in a coma. The young family is going through a severe Phase.

In the village of popular Amateur athletes prepared on 29. August in the garden for the enrollment ceremony of his daughter, according to the "Westphalia-Blatt". In the process, he was stung by an insect, possibly a wasp.

In the house of his mother, he suffered an allergic shock and lost consciousness. An ambulance had to revive him, Dierkes brain has not been powered for several minutes with oxygen and severely damaged.

Currently, he is in a special clinic in Bad Wildungen in and is located in coma – a condition in which the patient: the eyes have opened, but no emotion to show. Whether and to what extent they perceive touches or words that is hard to say.

Jennifer Dierkes want to bring your man home

"August responds when you touch him. If friends bed with a slightly louder voice on the sick, then he realizes the auch", his wife says Jennifer Dierkes in the "Westphalia-Blatt". She hopes that the condition of her husband improved. Therefore, you want to get him home. The specialty clinic is more than 80 kilometres from the family home.

Jennifer Dierkes want to remodel a room on the ground floor of the house, to care for her husband at home. "I have to claim that my husband is cared for 24 hours a day. Into the home he goes nicht", the woman says, and hopes that her husband is recovering in the family environment. "There he could see into the garden and the children Play and watch."

The village community is collecting donations to support the reconstruction of the house

In the future, Dierkes looks ahead with concern. "What’s to become of us? How is it financially?", you ask yourself. Holding the young family, friends and the community of the village of Hohenwepel give. The want to use the actually cancelled the Christmas market to collect donations for the reconstruction of the house.

In addition, a donation was set up account, to mother Jennifer to help with her two children, Collin and Julie for tackling the large challenge.

Donations can be transferred to the following account:

Jennifer Dierkes
Sparkasse Höxter
Iban: DE14 4725 1550 0025 7105 67

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