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Emily Skye Shared Intimate Photos of Her "Unexpected" Home Birth

Emily Skye just shared the arrival of her second child – a healthy baby boy named Izaac. But it certainly wasn’t your run-of-the-mill birth announcement.

In a post to Instagram stories, the fitness influencer shared a graphic image of herself and bub lying in the middle of her loungeroom floor. The caption? “What birth plan?!”

“Well THAT was unexpected!! 😱😲🥴 ⁣⁣” she continued in her feed. “Little Izaac just couldn’t wait any longer to enter the world!!⁣⁣”

Based on her social media updates throughout the pregnancy, the 35-year-old was only 37 weeks along. Just yesterday she posted a bump selfie and shared her game plan going into labour… Little did she know it would be happening so soon! 

“My mum arrives tomorrow so she’ll be able to mind Mia [her 2-year-old daughter] so Dec can be at the birth,” she wrote. “I’m also doing a maternity shoot and THEN I’ll be ready for you baby boy… I THINK..”

Regardless of whether a home birth was originally on the cards for the couple, this birth is very different to when she welcomed Mia to the world in 2017. Back then, she posted a pic of the pair wearing matching outfits – no paramedics or playmats in sight.

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