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Feces-bacteria in the beard could save people’s lives

Bacteria from beards could help to develop new antibiotic

Full beards in the Trend. In the beards of many bacteria. The facial hair could help to establish the new antibiotics, the researchers from the University College in London. Can compromise the bacteria in the Beard, the health? Also, the researchers examined.

Full beards are very popular at the Moment and look fashionable, but often it was claimed that beards are full of Dirt and bacteria. This is not necessarily a negative for us. Researchers found now that the beards contained bacteria could help new forms of antibiotics. The scientists published the results of their study in the journal “Journal of Hospital Infection”.

In the whiskers of medical professionals, researchers found less pathogenic bacteria than the smooth shaved skin of her colleagues. (Image: tunedin/

Shaved people colonized with bacteria

Researchers have been looking for many years around the world, according to a new antibiotic. Now it seems that scientists had finally been able to find. But not in the deepest rain forest or in a remote swamp, the experts found new approaches, but in Beard of men.

Critics claim that beards are just an annoying affectation, but also unpleasant bacteria may contain. But beards are a health risk? In fact, traces of enterobacteria were found in beards bacteria, this type usually comes in the faeces, say the doctors. All the beards contain such bacteria? A recent scientific study that was performed in an American hospital, came to very different conclusions.

In this study, the faces of 408 hospital staff have been swabbed, regardless of whether they were with or without facial hair. The place was probably selected wisely. We know that in hospital-acquired infections are one of the main causes of illness and death in our hospitals, explain the researchers.Many patients are infected here with dangerous bacteria. It was thought for a long time that the bacteria transferred from our hands, the coat or the devices.

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To human beards had not been thought of until now. Amazingly enough, were able to determine the physicians that smooth-shaven staff had a higher colonization with certain bacterial species. „Our study suggests that facial hair increases the overall risk of bacterial colonization compared to smooth-shaven Kontrollpersonen“, the researcher explained. „Subjects with shaved skin, even wore three Times more likely to have harmful bacteria on their faces than their bearded counterparts.“

Doctors anti discovered antibiotic properties in Beard samples

What are the reasons for the increased number of bacteria on clean-shaven faces are? The current study has an explanation. When we shave, micro-traumas on the skin. This can lead to abrasions, which support a bacterial population, the researchers say. Some scientists suggest now that beards are able to fight infections. The beards of countless people have been swabbed and the samples for analysis to Dr. Adam Roberts, from “University College London” is sent.

The physicians raised more than samples of one hundred different bacteria from the Beard. He had to find that in some of the Petri some shells grew, the abtötete the other bacteria. The fabric had a clearly stated anti-microbial properties, Dr. Roberts. The physician stated that there may be antibodies in beards, the infections can fight. In other words: away with the razor, the Beard is back.(as)