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For high blood pressure: With the help of these five tips the blood pressure in the long term, reduce

The blood pressure and reduce high blood pressure

Often the reduction in blood pressure can also be achieved in a natural way. In some cases, drugs are even on the duration of superfluous. But, caution: to Reduce the prescribed Medicine, however, in no case, without prior consultation with your doctor. Here are 5 simple Tricks to lower blood pressure effectively and sustainably!

Drug Treatment

From the point of view of many of the Affected drugs are the least complicated and safest way to lower blood pressure and thus, the strongest risk factor for stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases reduce. Unfortunately, the blood-pressure-lowering drugs not to be taken, however, often correctly, because of the Ill side effects of exercise or fear.

This concern is not completely unfounded, because the drugs can actually lead to dizziness, drowsiness, and fatigue, depending on the active ingredient to headaches, sleep disorders or erectile dysfunction. Many consumers feel after taking as less powerful, take the Supplement only after self-perceived needs or put them off altogether. But this is absolutely counter-productive, because the drug lowering blood pressure can only be achieved through continuous, long-term taking.

It’s up to you!

It is quite possible to escape this Dilemma. However, you need to be active themselves. But it’s worth it: in the best case you can achieve an ideal blood pressure and fit and vital. In addition, our five tips to implement easily. See for yourself:

Tip # 1: movement is the key

You don’t have to be a top athlete to do your heart health. The transition from complete inactivity to light physical activity has a positive impact. Crucial to success is that you select the correct Sport.

Basically all sports are suitable which have a moderate Endurance exercise. A particularly good Jogging are suitable, Nordic Walking, Hiking, cross-country skiing, Cycling, Swimming or ball sports such as Tennis, if you do not operate-to-oriented, ambitious, and competitive. The ideal frequency is 3 to 5 cardio sessions of 30 minutes per week. They begin quietly, with small units of 5 minutes, and then continuously increase it over several weeks.

Rather unsuitable, all power sports, for example, the well-known “pumps” in the gym. Because, as this treatment is what makes a linguistic expression is, significantly, the weight lifting frequently to the press breathing, which leads to blood pressure spikes, and thus to a heavy load of the heart muscle. Moderate strength training under the guidance of a physiotherapist or an experienced Trainer but it is nevertheless possible.

Overall, it can be a sophisticated sporty concept is to reduce the blood pressure by 5 to 10mmHg.

Tip # 2: a Little salt, plenty of fresh herbs

A high salt intake can increase blood pressure. If you manage to reduce the salt intake to six grams a day, then your blood pressure drops very likely. At an average, careless diet, you are likely to currently have reported a daily salt intake of 15 to 30g. A lot of Germans can’t imagine delicious food with little salt. But it is precisely the Mediterranean cuisine proves that with fresh herbs and culinary sophistication to even a much better taste can be achieved than with oodles of salt. The cookbook Mediterranean cuisine, which the German heart Foundation sick especially for Heart, you at this point warmly to heart (!) .

Tip # 3: alcohol in moderation

A certain amount of alcohol increases the high blood pressure. Men is not recommended per day, drink more than 20 g of alcohol, which include wine, for example, about 250 ml (depending on the alcohol content). In women, a 10-g shall apply as a maximum daily limit, on the One hand because of lower body weight, and, on the Other, because you can’t break down the alcohol as quickly.

Tip # 4: get rid of excess weight

Admittedly, this is not a particularly easy to be reacted of advice, but in the case of Obesity, a normalization of the body has a weight, a very positive effect on the blood pressure. Losing weight is not easy, but often it is worth twice as: combine regular physical activity with a healthy diet and you will experience the new-found vitality as a source of enrichment, which did not want to miss. A positive body feeling and a healthy circulatory system lead to a higher quality of life and the weighs of all your troubles back on – that’s a promise.

Tip # 5: manage Stress

Professional and personal tensions can increase the duration of the blood pressure. Negative Stress in everyday life is not unchangeable fact, but can be avoided. Here is a small list of the best stress-killer:

1. You go in stress situations, first in the “bird’s-eye view” and you are watching the Events with inner distance from the top! You will often find that excitement brings you now anyway and some things just simply happen. You can’t change, it is Best to accept them.

2. If your Stress but it has a recurring cause, the solution lies in your Power, then you grab it! Career changes or have open conversations with your Partner or your partner can do wonders for your well-being. Don’t shy away if necessary, before a (Couple of)therapy! To get help is not a shame and has already improved the Situation of many people in a sustainable manner.

3. Against the smaller, everyday stress, relaxation exercises help. Is permitted, what helps you to: Yoga, autogenic Training, breathing exercises, stress ball, kneading, rocking go, or jump on the trampoline, you try!

4. Also a regular Hobby can reduce Stress. Whether you paint, dance or knitting, want to sing to you is to do it on a regular basis. So you have something you can look forward to what in stressful situations.

5. You can reduce the TV in the evening. It affects you might be relaxing, but is not suitable as a purely passive activity for stress reduction. A plan you are aware of the days of the week on which you do not watch TV, but meet up with friends or your new Hobby. We wish you much joy! (fs)