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Germany has “at present no large” Remdesivir-Vorrät

According to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, Germany currently has only a few hundred doses of the potential drug Remdesivir in stock. “We currently have no large inventories,” said Spahn in the case of a Video hearing, which was organised by the European Parliament.

The anti-viral drug Remdisivir is regarded as a major hope in the fight against the Coronavirus. In the U.S. it is already approved for the treatment of medicines, the EU Commission gave on Friday the green light for the treatment of certain Covid-19-Sick.

However, the drug is not produced currently in Europe. The California-based manufacturer Gilead Sciences in Europe, with no manufacturing plants. The EU States are, therefore, advised in the case of the cases behind, and there is not enough inventories to make sure. Spahn said at the hearing that he was working that Remdesivir could also be produced in Europe.

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