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Giants Player Logan Ryan's Wife Undergoes Emergency Surgery After Learning She Had Ectopic Pregnancy

Giants free safety Logan Ryan's wife Ashley Ryan underwent surprise emergency surgery Wednesday morning after learning she had an ectopic pregnancy — and the couple is crediting one of the New York team's trainers with catching the medical issue in time.

Ashley recounted the "roller coaster" experience on her Instagram Stories Wednesday, explaining that she had experienced an "unbearable" abdominal pain for a couple of days.

In Florida to vote, Ashley texted Logan, who was still in New Jersey, about her discomfort. The athlete then texted one of the Giants' trainers about the situation.

"Logan had just left the facility after getting post-game treatment and texted one of the Giants trainers about what was going on. As much as I wanted to eat some Tums and try to go back to sleep," Ashley said, "I followed this trainer's advice, and my sister took me to the ER."

At the ER, doctors discovered that Ashley was pregnant, despite her IUD — "the chances of this are less than one percent," Ashley said.

But the pregnancy wasn't viable, she said.

"The pregnancy was ectopic and had implanted in my fallopian tube," Ashley said, adding that they learned the tube had ruptured, requiring surgery to stop the internal bleeding caused by the rupture.

Logan told reporters on a Zoom call Wednesday that the advice of the trainer, Justin Maher, "could have saved her life."

"She ended up going to surgery … and they ended up saving her and preventing a lot of what could have been done," the athlete said. "That was a trainer on our team, Justin Maher, telling my wife to go to the ER at 1 a.m. It could have saved her life or saved a lot of internal bleeding there."

Logan added that Ashley is "recovering well."

Ashley added on her Instagram Stories that she is still processing the whirlwind experience.

"The pain was unbearable. The emotions that followed were unbearable. I am still sorting through most of this in my own head," she shared. "Why was I that one percent? What does this mean for the future? How that trainer quite possibly saved my life."

Ashley expressed her gratitude for the support from her family, especially Logan.

"I'm so thankful for a husband who smiled at the potentially life changing news of an unexpected pregnancy and was on board and ready for the adventure even though it wasn't in the plans," she said. "Logan's support never wavers. His strength gives me strength ,and our hearts are so aligned."

Ashley and Logan share daughter Avery, 5, and son Otto Dash, 2. The couple celebrated three years of marriage in April.

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