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Ginger Sperm Donors Are In Demand Again And This Is Why

If you’ve got Emma Stone’s ‘do on your dream hair moodboard (err, just us?), you’re not alone. It seems the ginger hue is trending. – an international networking site that helps people find both co-parents and sperm donors – has called for ginger-haired donors. Just two per cent of their sperm donors are redheads and they can’t keep up with demand.

They’ve started a campaign #SaveGingers to get more red-haired donors for their female members.

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This is a turnaround from 2011, when Denmark’s Cryos sperm bank – which provides sperm internationally – started turning away red-haired donors. Their preference was for dark hair instead. The only exception: Irish parents were still keen for red-haired kids (they were ahead of the trend, right?)

With Michael Fassbender, Prince Harry and our very own Isla Fisher leading the ginger movement, it’s no wonder the hair colour is trending. New ‘do, anyone? We’ve got the moodboard ready.   

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