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Health: miracle cure olive oil as a natural blood thinner recognized

Olive oil – The miracle cure from the Mediterranean cuisine

Olive oil is regarded for years as an integral part of any kitchen. Due to the increasingly responsible Mediterranean diet the form of each olive oil is known. There is much debate about how healthy the Oil is really. For example, it is supposed to reduce cholesterol and thereby the risk for heart disease reduce.

Olive oil may reduce the risk for some diseases

In addition to the lowering effect on the cholesterol level, protects against gallstones, digestion and even detoxing. The Basis is, of course, always a generally healthy diet, which is plant-based, and low in fat should be.

Can olive oil be used as a natural blood thinner, used?

At a meeting of the American Heart Association, which was held recently, researchers have presented at the end of your current study, from March 2019. The results make it clear that people have the one-time consumption of olive oil per week reduced tendency to blood clotting, in comparison to individuals the significantly less likely to consume olive oil. Due to the reduced tendency to blood clotting, the risk for blood clots and blood drops can flow better through the vessels. The 63 Participants were an average of 32.2 years of age and had an average BMI of about 44. From a BMI of 25, one speaks of Overweight.

With olive oil the best blood clotting get values

The researchers presented their results in a press release. You make it clear that people who consume more frequently than once per week olive oil, the best the blood clotting values. By the good values prevents deposits on blood vessel walls and thus reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Olive oil reduces the risk for heart attack and stroke

“Just obese people have an increased risk of a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular disease – even if you have no other risk factors, such as Diabetes,” said Dr. Sean P. Heffron, head of the current study and an assistant Professor at the NYU School of Medicine in New York. “Our study suggests that olive oil in Overweight may reduce the risk for stroke and heart attack könnte“, according to the expert.

Observational study has not examined the consumed quantity

However, it was reviewed in the study, only the frequency of olive oil consumption and not the amount consumed. Since it was a purely observational study, so of course not prove, that in the case of obese persons alone, the consumption of olive oil, the blood coagulation might be reduced.

Further studies are needed

Of course there are contradictory studies to these findings, however, these were performed with an excessively large amount of fat, therefore the results are transferred hardly on a regular olive oil consumption in the context of a healthy balanced diet. (fm)