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How much cardio do you need to start burning fat

What is Cardio training

Cardio training is a complex of aerobic exercises that strengthens the cardiovascular system, helps to increase lung capacity, and provides oxygen to the body. These include running, brisk walking, cycling, skiing, swimming, and other outdoor sports.

Cardio training is characterized by a high degree of muscle, cardiovascular, and respiratory system stress. All this contributes to the launch of fat burning processes. That’s what those who want to lose weight should choose this type of physical activity.

Benefits of cardio circuit

  • Normalize blood pressure. During the lesson, the number of red blood cells that are responsible for the transport of oxygen increases. Due to this, cholesterol is reduced and the normal functioning of blood vessels is maintained;
  • Promote rapid recovery. Cardio workouts significantly increase stamina and accelerate muscle recovery. Performing it after power loads can restore muscles faster and eliminate pain;
  • Deep sleep. Cardio loads help you fall asleep faster. They make sleep stronger and better, due to which the body gets a good rest.

Cardio – best workouts to lose weight

Aerobic exercise is the key to a beautiful body. Without them, getting rid of extra pounds will not be easy. They accelerate the metabolism, due to which the existing fat deposits actively leave and new ones are not formed. It is important to note that you should adhere to a balanced diet so that the metabolism does not change again.

The mechanics of losing weight with cardio loads is not in instant calorie burning, but in the development of the body’s ability to accumulate rapidly available energy in the muscles to perform exercises. Due to this, the metabolism changes, and the consumed carbohydrates are deposited in the muscles in the form of glycogen, which is a source of energy.


How much cardio do you need to start burning fat and how much cardio is too much

To start burning fat, you need to make the body get rid of glycogen stores. This cannot be achieved quickly, so it is recommended to conduct lengthy workouts – from 30 to 60 minutes. If you engage in less than half an hour, then the work will be aimed at strengthening the heart and blood vessels, and not on losing weight. You can reduce the duration only if you do cardio immediately after weight training.

To conduct classes for the benefit of the figure and perform the exercises correctly using testosterone cypionate for sale, we recommend that you consult with a trainer. He will advise the best option for loads. For example, 2-4 workouts per week for 30-40 minutes, first on a treadmill, then on a stationary bike. He will also determine the permissible pulse level and daily calorie deficit, which will allow you to lose up to 3 kg per month.

Remember that cardio training has contraindications. They can not be practiced for people with asthma, obesity, diseases of the joints, and heart. Such a load is also not recommended for ARVM, menstruation, and stomach ulcers.