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How To Remove Household Mould

It’s not something we like to talk about but a combo of wet temps and humidity is the ideal breeding ground for unruly mould. Not only can it be the cause of your asthma symptoms but also the reason behind a cough or shortness of breath. NSW Health reports that in very rare occasions people make develop a mould infection in the lungs. However they stress the infrequency of these cases.

Send your mould running with these simple solutions.

Bleach will help remove the visible signs of mould but won’t kill the spores underneath.  In order to nip the problem in the butt (and on the cheap) clean your home using white vinegar. Dilute 80% vinegar to 20% water in a spray bottle, spray directly onto mould then let it sit before wiping away the mould. You can also pour your cheap vodka into a spray bottle (no dilution needed) and spritz directly onto your unwanted friend, don’t worry the cheaper the vodka the more effective!

Protect yourself from clingy mould by doing the following:

  • Use exhuast fans in bathrooms and open windows when cooking
  • Do not put away damp clothes or shoes
  • If you live in a mould prone home invest in a dehumidifier
  • Clean tiles and bathrooms regularly
  • Clean up spills straight away

Be careful as a new study has found that your coffee machine is a potential breeding ground for mould.

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