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Is your chapped lip bothering you? Know why it could be happening

The skin on the lips is thin, and, therefore, needs extra attention.

Besides health woes, winter months also bring with them dry skin and other issues — one such being the chapping of lips. Cracked lips is not a good sight. But, it can also become painful if ignored. And you can spend your everything on lip balms and expensive creams, but unless you know what’s causing it, there may not come a remedy.


If you are not drinking enough water and other fluids, your lips may become dry. All you need is a few glasses to nurse them back to health. In fact, according to experts, dry lips may be the earliest signs of dehydration, because the skin on the lips is thin and needs water to stay healthy and alive.

Mouth breathing

Some people have the habit of breathing through their mouth. For others, winters may lead to a blockage of the nasal passage, leading to them breathing with their mouths, especially when they are asleep. This can leave the lips dry because all the moisture is lost. If you are a mouth breather, check with your ENT specialist to find out if there are any underlying health issue that must be addressed.

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Frequent licking of lips

If you are someone who licks their lips from time to time, know that they may become dry sooner. In fact, habitual licking may irritate the lips more, and they may show painful cracks after the saliva evaporates. Quit this habit today.

A sunburn

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can actually get a sunburn in winters, too. Moreover, lips are sensitive because they are thin. Before heading outside, apply a lip balm with SPF. According to Skin Cancer Foundation, sun damage can cause a pre-cancerous condition of the lower lip known as ‘actinic cheilitis’. If your chapped lips don’t become better, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.

Other causes

Reasons like an allergy that has not been diagnosed yet, and/or chronic dry lip problems can also be causing the dryness.

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