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It Turns Out Royals Have *Very* Lax Rules When It Comes To Tattoos

Considering the royal fam have a very strict policy when it comes to dress-code (nails: subtle, tights: nude, hats: a necessity,) we’ve always been pretty confident that tattoos don’t fly. Alas, some rules are made to be broken, as evidenced by an insider’s recent admission.

In an interview with Saga Magazine, Zara Tindall (aka, the Queen’s granddaughter) was asked if she’d ever let her kids get inked later in life (Mia Grace is five and Lena is one). And, while she made it clear she def wasn’t keen, the 38-year-old inadvertently revealed they *technically* could if they wanted.

“He absolutely hasn’t got a tattoo,” Zara told Saga Magazine, of her hubby Mike. “I’d also rather one of my daughters came home with a piercing than a tattoo because at least a stud can be removed. I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if they did though.”

Sure, Zara isn’t in the limelight the way that Wills, Harry, Kate and Meghan are, but she does have to abide by the same protocol. Apparently, she even got her tongue pierced as a teen which proves that the palace does loosen the reigns on occasion.

Bottom line? We can’t be sure that Kate isn’t hiding a heart somewhere or (heaven forbid) Megs is harbouring a tramp stamp.

*Secretly prays it be true.*

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