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Jameela Jamil Had 3 Teeth Removed and Oral Surgery — and Still Went to Work

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil is a bit higher on The Misery Index than her costars after getting some serious dental surgery.

Just one day after getting major oral surgery, Jamil had a scheduled appearance at PaleyFest in Los Angeles to talk about her new hosting job on The Misery Index, a game show where teams compete to rate miserable real-life events. And rather than miss out on the event, Jamil made it on Saturday — along with a bag of frozen peas and a healthy dose of painkillers.

Jamil, 33, posted a video of her makeshift icepack — a bag of frozen peas strapped to her head with some stretchy fabric — on her Instagram page.

“Three teeth out and jaw and gums surgery yesterday, and I’m STILL going to work,” she captioned the video, which also included the text, “Peas but make it fashion.”

Jamil ended up doing the entire panel while holding the bag of peas on her face. She posted another photo on Instagram with the caption “s—faced,” and said she wouldn’t recommend it.

“Don’t go to work on painkillers without your teeth,” she added.

After the event, which also included her costars, comedy troupe The Tenderloins, Jamil apologized on Twitter for her “dental disaster.”

“I’m so sorry to everyone at the panel yesterday if I didn’t make any sense. I was somewhat wasted on pain killers. But I had a BLAST. And I love @thetenderloins so much for being such a support during this dental disaster! I want to work with them forever.”

But Jamil later hit her pain limit, and had to cancel an appearance at Webster University in St. Louis on Monday.

“Dear @websteru I’m so sorry I had to cancel. I was up all night in agony because there have been some mad complications with the surgery I had last week. Receiving medical attention today and staying in bed all week on doctors orders,” she said on Twitter. “I will see you as soon as I can! Love you.”

PEOPLE has reached out to Jamil for an update on her condition.


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