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Joe Magnacca Brings Private-Label Expertise to Massage Envy

Joe Magnacca, the chief executive officer of Massage Envy, knows a thing or two about private labels. Magnacca spearheaded the growth of proprietary brands, such as DeLish, during his tenure as president of Duane Reade and then president of daily living products and solutions at Walgreens.It is no surprise he’s following the proprietary brand route at Massage Envy. The move comes as private-label beauty sales are growing faster than the overall market. Euromonitor reported U.S. private-label beauty and personal-care brands produced more than a 4 percent share of market in 2016 (the most recent information released), up from 2.5 percent a decade ago.This month, Massage Envy is rolling out CyMe, a private-label skin-care brand that will be sold throughout its nearly 1,200 locations.CyMe, Magnacca said, is an extension of the work of the company’s aestheticians. “Our membership model drives monthly services, so our service providers truly get to know their clients and understand their skin-care goals, concerns and struggles. CyMe was born from these insights and expertise,” Magnacca said.The additional skin-care items supplement a growing menu of services. Last year, the company, which is the nation’s largest provider of therapeutic massages and facials, started broadening its skin-care services to pilot nonsurgical procedures, such as chemical peels and microderm infusions, while building out its retail skin care. PCA Skin and Image Skincare were added to the retail offer.At that time, Magnacca called skin care a best-kept secret, accounting for about 7 percent of its business with potential to more than double. Indeed, he said, accelerating interest in skin care prompted the need to add a house brand. “Our skin-care business is exploding. More and more, women are interested in skin care and willing to invest in keeping their skin healthy. Our aestheticians, who do thousands of services every day, see and hear these concerns firsthand,” he explained. The retail products are offered to encourage a daily routine to help maximize the spa experience.Clients feel that at-home, daily skin care is often complicated and intimidating, Magnacca added. “They want products that work, that make their skin-care routine simple, and that address their specific needs, from hydrating to refining to purifying. We designed CyMe with that in mind.”The CyMe line is a small, curated selection of skin-care products are mostly in mask form, such as an Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask and an Exfoliating Foot Mask. Prices range from $8 to $30. The company has plans to roll out other items under the logo.“We see huge potential in the growth of our CyMe line. We are uniquely positioned to treat skin from head to toe through our massage services, so applying our facial skin-care expertise to the body will be our next step in the evolution of the line,” Magnacca said.

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