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Khloe Kardashian’s Secret For Fuller Brows

Eyebrow horror stories: I’ve got one; you’ve got one; even Khloe Kardashian’s got a terrible brow tale to tell. Despite having some of the best brows in Hollywood, the reality TV star recently revealed her own major eyebrow mishap via her beauty app:

“I usually go to Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills, who is a genius,” Khloe said. “However, I made the mistake of trusting someone new to reshape my brows.” 

Uh oh. We can predict where this is heading, and it’s not in a positive direction… 

“I went to someone else once when I needed an appointment ASAP, and the new girl shortened my eyebrows by accident. It took FOREVER to grow them out.” 

A bad brow wax is mortifying enough, but that’s not the worse of it. 

“To top it all off, one of my eyebrows was actually going bald!” Khloe added. “It happens from stress, or if you sleep on one side of your face all the time.” 

Poor Koko. Luckily she learned of secret brow growth solution from her makeup artist Hrush Achemyan, which helped return her sparse brows to their former full glory.  

The secret? Brow growth gel and castor oil. Yes, castor oil. “Apparently it helps hair grow faster,” says Khloe. 

Yes, this common household object has been used for centuries to boost hair regrowth thanks to its high vitamin E and essential fatty acid contents, which help stimulate blood circulation around the surface of the skin, resulting in an increased hair growth rate.  

“It took a while to get them perfect but now I’m happy with my long, full brows,” Khloe added.

Phew! Crisis averted.

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