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Listeria scandal: Hessian authorities destroy 1.6 million tons of BBQ meat

In connection with the food scandal of the sausage manufacturer Wilke Hessian authorities have torches 1.6 tons of BBQ and meat skewers ensured. The goods had to be destroyed because it could not be excluded that it originated from Wilke, informed the Ministry of consumer protection.

The trigger was an anonymous tip, the 18. October, during the government Presidium of Kassel received on the previously known distribution of the barbecue torches and meat skewers in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg was brought to the attention.

The goods are to be manufactured, therefore, solely from products of the company Wilke and stalls at large events such as concerts, markets and fair business sold have been. The competent authority had examined the suspect on the same day, the Ministry announced.

Fund of criminal investigation was discovered

The company, when the goods have been found, I can demonstrate that it applies since October, 2019, with meat from other Farms. However, it is not absolutely sure that none of the Wilke-Wurst was in the stocks. The discovery of the criminal investigation was reported.

At the beginning of October, authorities had closed the North Hessian meat manufacturer Wilke. Previously repeatedly Listeria were detected germs that may be living with a weakened immune system dangerous. Three of death and 37 cases of illness associated with Wilke-products. The Prosecutor’s office in Kassel under investigation for negligent homicide against the managing Director.

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