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Man asks how you bleed from a period during the night if 'the body shuts down'

Menstruation is still sadly a bit of a taboo. Some people are unnecessarily grossed out by it, but some men seem to be totally clueless about periods.

A woman recently discovered just how little one man knew about a woman’s monthly cycle.

When Twitter user Farah, from New Jersey, told a male friend she bled through the night, he was baffled.

He wondered how it was possible to bleed through the night as he seemed to think periods are more of a daytime thing.

‘I didn’t know it was possible to get it overnight’ he told her.

Farah, amused by the whole thing wrote back: ‘How would it only happen during the day? You think our uterus waits for us to wake up?’

The lost friend’s reply tickled a lot of users online as he wrote: ‘Cause the body shuts down during sleep?’

We have no words.

She told the man in question: ‘You’re 24 and you don’t know vaginas bleed?’

Farah doesn’t expect men to understand the ins and outs of periods, she told But she expected that they at least have some basic knowledge of how the body works.

‘I didn’t expect it to gain traction it was just a funny conversation but still showed me how ignorant some guys are about women even at their big age,’ she explained to us.

‘Most people laughed with me while some insulted me saying I’m a b*tch and should’ve educated him.

‘But really if you’re 24 and have got no semblance of an idea how women’s menstrual cycles work that’s your conscious decision to be ignorant!’

It really is amazing. Even when it shuts down at night.

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