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Mandy Moore Just Suffered A 'Horrific' Bout Of Food Poisoning And Posted Photos To Prove It

  • Mandy Moore revealed she suffered a severe bout of food poisoning on a trip to Ecuador.
  • She was in Ecuador with her husband Taylor Goldsmith and friend Melissa Arnot Reid.
  • Mandy said they realized the trip “wasn’t meant to be” this time.

After successfully climbing to Mount Everest’s base camp in May, actress and singer Mandy Moore reunited with her friend, climber Melissa Arnot Reid, for another big ascent. This time, the pair planned to summit the stratovolcano Cotapaxi in Ecuador. But according to Mandy’s most recent update on Instagram, things didn’t go according to plan.

On the second day of her adventure, she and her husband Taylor Goldsmith came down with a horrific bout of food poisoning, restricting both to bedrest. “We just wouldn’t be able to catch up on hydration, nutrition and rest to complete any more acclimatization hikes before our summit push,” Mandy wrote. Once they realized the summit push wasn’t going to happen, they decided to head home to Los Angeles, where they got into bed with their dogs and cats.

“I think the Universe must have wanted us to slow down and just savor some time at home. And we shall. It just means that there are more adventures to come,” Mandy explained. “Oh and we can not WAIT to get back to Ecuador—we absolutely loved our short journey and have already chatted about returning with a more all encompassing look at the whole country (not just the 🗻).”

Mandy offered Arnot Reid plenty of love, too: “Thank you again to @melissaarnot for being the best teacher/nurse/caretaker/non-judgmental friend—she brought us meds and crackers and fluids and made us laugh after witnessing some truly horrible things (💩🤮).”

Arnot Reid said the husband and wife duo were troopers through it all: “Never met a duo as graceful in the face of challenge. Adventure waits and I continue to learn how damn tough you both are!” she commented on the post. (Fun fact: Arnot Reid was the first American woman to ascend and descend Mount Everest without oxygen!)

Want to know more about Mandy and her husband? They have the cutest love story:

Mandy’s optimistic take on the situation is a reminder that sometimes, things happen for a reason. “I love an end of year lesson (one that I’ve encountered a million times before and will again, btw),” she said. “Wasn’t meant to be.”

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