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Merry Christmas wishes to the centre of the health

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  • Dear readers!
  • A Christmas Gift – That-Turmeric-Cooking Book
  • A Christmas Gift –The Cookbook Base Cooking Superfluous
  • A Christmas gift – The water filter pure drink HOME

Dear readers!

Again, Christmas is coming and also the time of Contemplation. Actually. Because often the run-up to Christmas is anything other than contemplative. From one meeting to the next. Cookie baking, advent celebrations to visit through the Christmas markets to stroll, and of course buying gifts.

Maybe the one or other gift, you are still missing. If Yes, then we have for you three ideas that are not only very practical but also very healthy, such as our cookbooks with many healthy and base excess recipes or a water filter that is not only efficient and very inexpensive, but also very easy to install can be screwed directly on the faucet.

A Christmas Gift – That-Turmeric-Cooking Book

Our turmeric-cook book is not only for real-turmeric-Fans, but for all who want a healthy, whole foods and plants, cooking and food based. At over 100 pages it is scrambled presents 50 recipes that show you how wonderful turmeric fits in almost all dishes – whether in rice or vegetable recipes, vegan, in my cereal or in a Breakfast smoothie.

In the book you will also find the 7-days-turmeric-cure with recipes that contain particularly high turmeric quantities, and thus for all those who are intended to turmeric as a cure to use in order to achieve a specific health effect.

This cook book you can order here.

A Christmas Gift –The Cookbook Base Cooking Superfluous

Our newly published cookbook, base excess cooking, 100 pages with 36 main dishes, and 10 recipes for sauces and Dips – all of them vegan, and base excess full value kitchen. The book not only pleases with refined delicacies, but also with photos in top quality. It is also thanks to the Hardcover and spiral binding is durable and easy to care for. In the book presented recipes you will not find on our site are so withheld exclusively for book owners.

With the purchase of our cookbooks, you support our work and enable us to continue our information about health and nutrition for free.

The base excess cook book you can order here.

A Christmas gift – The water filter pure drink HOME

A powerful water filter is usually a costly affair. Not so the new water filter pure drink HOME. The smallest Filter on the market (the works without chemistry) at a price of under a hundred Euro is not only affordable, but also easily of any self-installable, since it is simply screwed onto the faucet.

The pure drink HOME is a three-stage Filter includes the patented Novamem drink pure™ membrane. It was developed by engineers from the ETH Zurich, and not only filters pathogens, micro-plastic, pesticides, rust, and chlorine (without reducing the flow of power), but is also self-disinfecting, and easy to clean. Depending on the water quality of the cartridges (of the additionally contained activated carbon filter) to be replaced every 500 gallons. For more information about how to drink pure HOME water filter, please refer to the respective dealers, such as here.

Now we hope that you can from the usual Christmas stress does not infect you, and wish you and your family all the best, a merry Christmas, contemplative days between the years and a happy, beautiful, healthy and happy new year!

Your Team from the centre of the health

P. S. On 13. In January, our first Newsletter of the new year. See you soon!