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Mysterious case: Corona-the Patient is tested for months a positive effect on Covid-19

A mysterious Corona-can Doctors in Austria despair. A man is repeatedly tested positive for Covid-19 – the only one in his district.

Three persons were reported on Wednesday by the health authority in the Austrian district of Weiz, near Graz as active with the Coronavirus infected. Until last Saturday it had been there for a whole month not a single new infection – but since months an active case. Curious: This active case comes from always the same man, as the “Small newspaper” writes.

"Our occupational health doctor can’t erklären&quot the;

The Incomprehensible: After the Corona-testing of the man’s negative, in order to hit a short time later, back to the Positive – continually, again and again. “Our occupational health doctor can’t explain why this is so,” said district chief Rüdiger Taus. “He is not in a permanent hospital treatment, however, due to the Coronavirus,” said Taus more.

In order to be classified as healthy again, must have a Infected two negative Tests within 48 hours. That was in the patient that has never been the case.

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