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Not had your share of amla murabba? Here’s why you should

If you didn't know the benefits of amla murabba, read on.

Most of us have fond memories of relishing amla murabba or the gooseberry preserve that has a sweet-tangy taste. Besides being a healthy option for those with a sweet tooth, amla murabba has numerous health benefits. In case you didn’t know about the same, read on.

Slows down ageing

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, amla slows down the ageing process as the free radicals in the body are neutralised.

Boosts immunity

Rich in vitamin A, E and C, consuming amla murabba is a good way to boost immunity as it helps improve the body’s ability to prevent diseases.

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Relieves digestive troubles

High in fibre, amla murabba is recommended for digestive and gastric problems, including gastritis and constipation.

Other benefits

According to nutritionist Lovneet Batra, amla murabba also helps in reducing pre-mature greying, boosting immunity and relieving menstrual cramps.



Winter is the best time to enjoy some fresh Amla Muraba! It boost immunity, reduces pre-mature graying of hair and offer relief from menstrual cramps. How do you make Amla Muraba? Share your recipe and let others relish it too. 👉Follow #lovneetbatra for more tips on diet and nutrition . . . . #nutritionbylovneet #nutrition #healthyliving #healthiswealth #delhi #fitindiamovement #healthyfoods #healthymind #fitness #healthydiet #wholesome #wellnessblogger #murraba #amlamurraba #murrabah #nutritionist #EatRightIndia

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However, since amla murabba is high in calories due to the presence of a large amount of sugar in it, excessive consumption should be avoided by diabetic and those watching their weight.

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