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Pensioner Lothar was able to run after infarct hardly Mini-intervention makes it back on the road

At the age of 41, suffered Lothar Boltzt his first heart attack, of which he could still recover almost completely. But hardly in the pension, it hit the master painter from Berlin again. This time, the now 76-Year-old came so quickly on the legs.

Despite a Bypass SURGERY, an inserted Defibrillator and optimum pharmacological therapy the power of his heart muscle was just recently. The pensioners could go without a break, only a few meters walk.

In the case of a heart attack, the affected areas of the heart die, the muscle and scar. This scar tissue can expand, and a "Ausstülpung" forming, in professional circles, aneurysm called. The blood from this aneurysm is not pumped into the body, the scarring of an already weakened heart loses more and more power.

The aneurysm is surgically removed

Usually a surgical procedure now follows. Surgeons remove the aneurysm and restore the natural shape of the left ventricle again. An open-heart Operation is, however, necessary to arrest the heart and the circulation of the patient of a heart-lung machine must be maintained.

Although this procedure in experienced hands has proven to be – for already weakened patients, such as Lothar Boltzt an open-heart SURGERY represents a significant burden and a high SURGICAL risk.

New method from California

Born in Westphalia, was a candidate for the new "Revivent TC"-The method, which was developed in California and in the German heart centre Berlin (DHZB) one of the first clinics in Germany for two and a half years, used for the first time.

So the new method works:

  • a special anchor system is brought to the edges of the aneurysm
  • with the help of which the whole of the scarred tissue from the heart is “out puts”
  • after that, the left ventricle, as when Healthy, only from the functioning of the muscles
  • Surgery under x – ray and ultrasonic control made
  • it is a few centimeters long incision on the side of the chest, and a catheter access to the clavicle is only necessary

"The procedure is not for each of ischemic heart failure patients concerned geeignet", heart surgeon Felix Hennig, the results of the interventions, together with his cardiology colleagues Christoph Klein explains. "Where applicable, it is but a new Alternative, since we can dispense with a separation of the sternum and the use of a heart-lung machine."

Long-term efficacy in the Test

Eight patients were treated at the DHZB with the new Revivent procedure, yet it is all much better than before, said the clinic. Lothar Boltzt is now the first Patient in the Europe-wide study "REVIVE-HF" is taken, with the long-term effectiveness of the system is to be reviewed.

Lothar Boltzt could now be discharged from the hospital. His cardiac output had improved significantly, it says. And the power for the 76-Year-old also subjective already noticeable.

On the way to the joint photo session in front of the DHZB, the two accompanying Doctors had to admonish their patients in the face of its fleet Tempos several times to leave it for the time being a little quieter. "And that would be a month ago, unthinkable gewesen", says Boltzt.

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