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Police stopped again in illegal Party in Berlin

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 19 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the Coronavirus, 215.460 of them in Germany.

Police stopped again in illegal Party in Berlin

Once again, the Berlin police broke up an illegal Party in the public Park hasenheide in the district Neukölln. In several Places, had gathered in the night to Sunday, young people partying in smaller and larger groups on the meadows of the green plant. A Party with around 200 participants, half of whom danced close to each other and without masks, a music system with a DJ who was end at 3.00 PM by the police. They took a great speaker, and most of the people dispersed. On the other meadows was celebrated in smaller groups, or drunk.

Due to the closure of the Clubs during the Corona pandemic had agreed since the beginning of the summer, again and again, celebrating people to parties in Parks. In the beginning it was the Hasenheide, and later also the wall Park, the Park at gleisdreieck, the Treptower Park and other green plants. In July, around 3,000 people celebrated alone in the hasenheide on a weekend, until the police came.

The places would now change again and again, it was said recently by the police. To celebrate undisturbed, avoided the party scene, at last, even in an abandoned barracks in Wünsdorf (Teltow-Fläming) in the state of Brandenburg. The event with around 600 participants, it was discovered anyway, and the police ended.

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