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Rashami Desai talks about suffering from psoriasis, wants to give health priority now

Rashami Desai has been shying away from the media’s glare since her last TV show Dil Se Dil Tak ended last year. And now we have learnt that the reason was that she was facing some health issues. The actor shares that she was suffering from psoriasis, a skin condition, and while being treated for it, she put on extra weight.

“I have been dealing with health issues since past few months. Last year, in December, I was diagnosed with Psoriasis, which is a skin problem. It takes a lot of time to be cured and some times, one isn’t completely cured. Since the last four months, I was on a steroid treatment program which caused weight gain. I was not allowed to go in the sun as the heat aggravates the problem. It also escalates due to stress but it was impossible not to be stressed out about the condition as I am actor and in this business, an actor’s face is everything.” During her treatment, the Uttaran star shot for a digital show, which is currently on hold.

Rashami’s Psoriasis is under control now and she is working on losing weight. She points out that it is tough for female actors to talk about such health issues openly as it might have a detrimental effect on their careers. “I was so frightened and my friends told me not to talk to people about it. I am talking about it now because I feel people should know that it is treatable and nothing to be ashamed of. I know of a few actors who have Psoriasis but stay mum about it.

She admits that it has been tough to deal with her weight gain as people comment about it. “I don’t respond to those who do. I just smile and move on. Losing weight is so tough and I have been trying really hard. But I am not going to be stressed about it. My work keeps me focused. I have learnt to give my health priority and not to dismiss any health issue.”

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First Published:
May 05, 2019 10:11 IST

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