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Research success: Diabetes was going to be healed!

New hope for Diabetes Sufferers

An international research team has recently managed for the first time, to heal Diabetes in mice. According to the researchers, the underlying treatment is also in humans is feasible. A key role of flexible cells, which are implanted in the pancreas.

An international Team, consisting of researchers from the University of Bergen, the Université de Genève, Harvard Medical School, Leiden Universiteit, and the Oregon Stem Cell Center, achieved recently a breakthrough in Diabetes research. For the first Time, it is possible a team of scientists to cure Diabetes – for the time being, only in mice. The researchers are of the opinion however, that the therapy can work in people. The results of the study were recently published in the renowned journal “Nature”.

Flexible cells from the pancreas

The researchers found that human cells from the pancreas can modify your task so that you can fight in the connection of Diabetes. In animal experiments on mice, the scientists have implanted scientists previously prepared cells in the pancreas of mice with Diabetes. Following the rodents of the disease recovered. As the cells were removed, returned to the Diabetes.

Cells are more flexible than previously thought

Contrary to the hitherto prevailing opinion, that the cells always fulfill a specific purpose, the Team of Nature-study, of human cells much better in other cell types to convert, as previously assumed. The researchers, the cells were able to influence so that they changed their original function.

Cell rotation you

A key role of cells that the hormone Glucagon to produce in the pancreas (pancreatic). Normally, the hormone triggers the production of energy-rich Glucose, which leads to an increase of the blood sugar values. “By the influence of the Glucagon-producing cells in the pancreas, we have brought to the cells, instead of Insulin,” summarizes Professor Helge Ræder, one of the research Directors, the results of the study in a press release.

Cells also steadfast against the attacks of the immune system are

In addition, the study showed that the modified cells only produce Insulin, but also more resistant against attacks of the immune system. This plays in particular in the treatment of type 1 Diabetes where Insulin-producing cells are attacked by the body’s own immune system. “This means that we can probably use the patient’s own cells, without having to fear that the manipulated cells are ultimately destroyed by the immune system,” explains the Professor.

New therapies in other areas is conceivable