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Stem Cell Treatment for ED in Germany Allows you to Quickly and Effectively Get Rid of Such a Delicate Problem

Such a serious disease as erectile dysfunction or impotence can destroy the life of any man. The person gets lots of complexes and fears in the field of intimate relationships. It is impossible to cause and maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse with this disease.

The reasons that can lead to an ailment

They can be divided into physical and psychological. In 80% of cases, impotence develops due to physical causes.

  • A decrease in blood steam to the penis. Arteries, which supply the penis, can narrow. The consequence of this is insufficient blood flow and the inability to cause an erection.
  • Various neuropathies involve the nerves going to the penis in the pathological process.
  • Diabetes. Blood vessels and nerves of small caliber are affected by this disease.
  • Hormonal causes. This is about the low level of testosterone, which is produced in the testes. In such patients, sexual vigor decreases and changes in the structure of the testes and prostate gland are observed.
  • A side effect of certain drugs. The use of thymoleptics, diuretics, and antihistamines can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction.

In most cases, impotence caused by physical causes develops gradually and slowly. The most common psychological causes of the disease are anxiety, stress, difficulties in relationships, and depression.

Erectile dysfunction therapy: get acquainted with a decent way
The stem cell treatment for ED in Germany is regarded as an innovative method of therapy that is one of the most effective. This refers to the cells of the human body that can turn into healthy, fully functional cells of any tissue. In the case of impotence, stem cells (SC) can improve the blood supply to the penis, increasing the number of blood vessels. The structure of all pathologically changed elements of the penis is also restored, resulting in a cure. Stem cells can eliminate not only the physical cause of the disease, but also the psychological one due to the normalization of the nervous system. After a course of cell therapy, patients increase stress resistance, sleep problems disappear, and sexual desire appears. SC therapy is used in the best clinics in the world and is recognized as safe and effective!

All the patients are under round-the-clock supervision of specialists. Moreover, clients of the hospital are accommodated in one of the special hotels of the clinic’s partners for continuous monitoring of their condition and more effective medical care in the postoperative period. After the SC treatment, examinees undergo a course of physiotherapy specially selected for them. Moreover, all of them receive detailed consultations and answers to all questions related to postoperative care at the concluding stage of SC treatment. The complex of rehabilitation exercises for the care in the clinic is compiled individually for each patient. An integral part of patient care in a German clinic in the postoperative period is regular medical examinations that allow specialist to promptly adjust patient care.