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Tamzin Outhwaite health: ‘I was almost crying in pain’ EastEnders star’s past ordeal

Tamzin Outhwaite, 48, joined the cast of the BBC’s EastEnders in 1998 and portrayed the role of Mel Owen until 2002. After leaving the show the actress turned her hand to performing in the West End. But in 2017, Tamzin was forced to pull out of the show ’Stepping Out’ after she fractured her metatarsal bone while rehearsing. She appeared on Good Morning Britain shortly after to divulge the details of her injury.

It kept swelling up and then I couldn’t get through the run-through

Appearing on the ITV show with crutches and a walker boot, she explained to presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan she had a stress response injury – a precursor to a stress fracture, and was awaiting results of a CT scan to find out if there were any hairline fractures.

She said: “I really did just think it was going to be an infection.

“We were all dancing and having a brilliant time, I did a run through in front of the producers and half way through I was in a lot of pain.

“It kept swelling up and then I couldn’t get through the run-through.

“I just said that, and was almost crying in pain.”

Tamzin added X-Rays confirmed the bad news of a fracture on her metatarsal bone.

Seven months on, the star revealed she was still healing and described it as a “long process”, and added that she’d be doing more TV than theatre now.

And that’s exactly what Tamzin did – in 2019 she returned to EastEnders to play her character Mel Owen.

What is a stress fracture?

A stress fracture is a small crack or break in otherwise normal bone, according to the NHS.

The health body explains: “It is typically an overuse injury, which is related to related impact on a bone.

“Bone stress and stress fractures often occur in weight-bearing bones, usually in the shin and foot.”

What are the symptoms of stress fracture?

Pain is usually felt over the injured area and tends to develop over a few weeks.

The NHS adds: “It is typically worse when putting weight on the injured area and better when resting.

“As it gets worse, the pain can start to be present when at rest and at night.

“The involved bone may be tender to touch and there is often some swelling. However, it is important to remember not all stress fractures have these typical symptoms.”

If you experience these symptoms, go to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department.

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