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The Best Ways To Soothe Your Eyes During Allergy Season

With pollen, dust and dander flying around during the spring, it’s no wonder why many people’s eyes start to water and itch. While a trip to the drug store is usually the classic remedy many people follow, there are a few home techniques that can relieve this sensitive area from irritation.

For instance, Mindbodygreen suggests placing a warm compress over your lids at the end of the day for at least ten minutes. This helps to reduce swelling and quell any spots of inflammation — leaving you with clearer, more comfortable eyes. Just make sure the temperature of the cloth stays warm the entire time, that’s what makes it effective. Plus, during times of high pollen or environmental irritants, it’s wise to up your intake of Omega-3s since your diet can impact your eye health as well.

Because Omega-3s are a fatty acid, they help protect the barrier around your eyes and keep them lubricated as well, the outlet reports. Either add a supplement to your routine or stock up on fatty foods like salmon, seeds and walnuts to reap the benefits.

Protect your eyes when you're outside

Of course, prevention is helpful when it comes to soothing your eyes. When you go outside, have sunglasses on hand to block out harmful rays as well as irritants in your area. If you’re finding your eyes feeling irritated even when you’re indoors, make sure to keep the windows closed overnight — as pollen is usually highest in the morning and can dry out your eyes, VSP Eyewear notes.

Artificial tears help lubricate the area and prevent dryness as well — just make sure to do your research to find the brands with the best ingredients for your specific symptoms. Just make sure to wait at least 15 minutes before you put your contacts in after you’ve added your drops. Furthermore, when you’re noticing itchiness, take breaks from screens. Mindbodygreen suggests stepping away from your computer every 20 minutes and closing your eyes for 20 seconds and taking a few deep breaths. This will help your eyes readjust and avoid straining throughout the day. 

Caring for your eyes isn’t a one-time fix, unfortunately. Adding in some soothing agents and a helpful routine will make a big difference in the long run — especially if you suffer from allergies.

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