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The exchange is worth it! These health insurance companies have reduced the contribution significantly

Many statutory health insurance companies have reduced contribution

With the beginning of the new year, a new regulation of health insurance was additional posts in the force, but a large number of statutory health insurance funds have to 1. In January, your contribution rate reduced. With a cash in exchange for a few Hundred euros in the year, in some cases, save.

Additional contributions are now shared

At the beginning of the year, there has been far-reaching changes in the healthcare system. One of them is the restructuring of the health insurance funds-additional contributions. Since 1. January 2019 to be shared, the resulting additional contributions in the statutory health insurance funds of employees and employers. So far, the Insured had to bear these costs alone. In addition, several statutory health insurance funds have reduced their contribution rate. With a cash in exchange for a few Hundred euros per year, you can frequently save.

Almost a third of the funds have reduced the contribution rate

As the Stiftung Warentest in a communication reported, in total, reduced to 24 of 81 for all open funds, your contribution rate.

Have reduced their contribution, for example, the TK from 15.5 to 15.3 percent, the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg from 16.0 to 15.7 percent, the Baden AOK-Württemberg and AOK Hessen from 15.6 to 15.5 percent.

The information, according to the Securvita BKK has reduced the contribution of 16.3 to 15.7 percent at the most.

Several Hundred Euro per year save

Anyone who switches from an expensive Fund to a lower can save several hundred euros per year.

As the Stiftung Warentest explains on its website, the Savings is in addition to the concrete contribution rate, depending on income.

Someone deserves a month to 3,000 euros gross a exchange to a Fund, the contribution rate is a percent cheaper, per year, around 180 Euro Savings. Very well-paid workers to save around € 270 per year.

Range of additional benefits is different

Who is with its health insurance happy, should not only look at the post. Often you can also save if the Fund required additional services – for example, for a prescribed by a doctor, osteopath or a grant for a professional dental cleaning.

However, the range of benefits from one Fund to another is different. A health insurance comparison can therefore be worth the extra services, because often there is not a lot of money.

For example, in the case of fertility treatment (artificial insemination).

What is the health insurance company collects what is the contribution rate and what extra services be paid from which Fund can be found on the website of the Stiftung Warentest for a fee.

There are also other Extras such as travel vaccinations, additional checkups or teeth cleaning. If your Fund pays little or nothing for the desired Extras, may be worth a cash exchange.